"Never chase or break your tee ever again!"



Who is the 4EverTee for?

  • Golfers who want more consistent practice
  • Golfers who have bad backs
  • Instructors who don't want to waste time chasing their students tees
  • Golfers who use alignment sticks during practice
  • Instructors who use Trackman, Foresight, Flightscope
  • Instructors who use grids on ground during lessons
  • Anybody that wants to improve their game!

45% of 4EverTee proceeds go toward CannedWater4Kids! 

Tired of chasing or breaking your tees on the range? Hate bending over excessively? Want consistent practice? With the 4EverTee tee holder system, never chase or break your tee ever again!

golf tees

Click the picture to go to CannedWater4Kids.org to see how they save children's lives globally! 4EverTee™ golf training aids will help your game and help children!

golf tees